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COMBO : HEALTH INSURANCE (IC-27 )Book + Online Mock test

COMBO : HEALTH INSURANCE (IC-27 )Book + Online Mock test

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COMBO OFFER HEALTH INSURANCE Guide Book and Online Mock Test (IC-27 - for III Exam)

The syllabus of IC-27, HEALTH INSURANCE as compared to the earlier one is more loaded with examples & self help questions. This is necessary as more exposure to practical questions will help in understanding the subject better. 

The guide book contains learning points, evolution and growth of health insurance sector in India, the constitutional provisions in areas of public health and its different financing models. It gives the reader an insight into the different types of health insurance products, health insurance pricing and the regulatory and legal aspects of health insurance. The guidebook also highlights the importance of reinsurance in health insurance .It also brings out critical aspects with reference to the different kinds of insurance frauds, and methods to combat and mitigate them.

The guide book contains latest examination questions as a reference point of view. We take considerable effort to cover complete syllabus and include questions based on student feedback. 

The guide book includes
  • Introduction to Health Insurance 
  • Health Insurance Products in India 
  • Health Insurance Underwriting 
  • Health Insurance policy forms and clauses: 
  • Health insurance data, pricing & reserving 
  • Regulatory and legal aspects of health insurance 
  • Health Insurance fraud 

Author: Dr. S.Subashini - MBA,FIII,Ph.D
ISBN: 978-81-931430-7-0

In Combo Offer you get:
Guide Book Cost : Rs. 530.00
Mock Test Cost : Rs. 400.00 
Total Cost Rs.930.00 but in COMBO OFFER (25% Discount) : Rs.690.00 (+ Rs.40.00 Postage & Handling Charges in India Only) Total-Rs.730.00